Open Seminar

Report: SSSIHL Center of Excellence for Actuarial Data Science Seminar

Date: February 17, 2024

The SSSIHL Center of Excellence for Actuarial Data Science (CADS) organized a National Level Open Seminar focusing on “Navigating the Actuarial Career Path, the CAS Way: Insights for Students.” The seminar aimed to provide valuable insights into the actuarial profession, particularly highlighting the career path guided by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS).

We were honored to host distinguished speakers Ronald T. Kozlowski and Kendra Felisky, FCAS, CERA, who brought extensive expertise to the seminar. Their presentations covered various crucial aspects, including CAS Career Path, Actuarial Judgement, Actuaries’ Code of Conduct, and potential challenges faced by actuaries.

The seminar attracted significant interest from a wide range of organizations, with registrations received from 15 diverse sectors, including Fintech, insurance, reinsurance, consulting, IT, and educational institutions. Over 200 participants, comprising both aspiring students and seasoned professionals nationwide, actively participated in the event, demonstrating the relevance and importance of the topics discussed.

Additional Session:
In addition to the keynote presentations, Dr. Rohan Yashraj Gupta, PhD, ASA, AIA, delivered a captivating session on Generative AI and its Application in Insurance. The session sparked insightful discussions, further enhancing the learning experience for attendees. Satya Sai Mudigonda led an engaging discussion following Dr. Gupta’s presentation.

Special thanks are extended to Dr. Raghunatha Sarma R, Director of the SSSIHL Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, Mr. Harold Singh, Actuary, and Prof. Budihal Raghavendra Prasad, the Vice Chancellor of SSSIHL, for their invaluable contributions in organizing and facilitating the seminar.

Post-Seminar Engagement:
Following the seminar, Ronald T. Kozlowski and Kendra Felisky extended their visit to Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School to interact with students, providing them with further insights and enriching their educational journey.

The National Level Open Seminar organized by the SSSIHL Center of Excellence for Actuarial Data Science proved to be a resounding success, offering attendees valuable perspectives on the actuarial profession and fostering meaningful discussions. The event highlighted the commitment of SSSIHL to providing holistic educational experiences and promoting professional development in the field of actuarial science.